Pregnancy is a period where extra care is required, every pregnant woman is very conscious about
what to do and what not to do during this period of time. Yeah! It is a period of lots of confusion,
excitement, delightful and pleasure.

Everyone is so excited and craves to see the pink line which will confirm the big news, that you are
pregnant. People will start congratulating and wishing good luck to have a healthy baby. All these are
not just enough to have a healthy baby, but to have a healthy baby it is very important to take care,
the extra care and pampering during your journey.

To have good physical and mental health of an infant, it is necessary to nourish them well in the womb.
The energy requirement of the women increases during pregnancy because of the growth and physical
activity of the foetus, also required for the growth of placenta and maternal tissues.

The total weight gain during pregnancy is 10-12 kg for a woman with normal body weight. The weight
gain mainly occurs in the second and third trimester. About 23g of additional protein is recommended
by ICMR (2010). Do you know why the protein requirement is increased? Yes, it is increased because
of the increased need of protein during this period which are required for growth and development of
the foetus and the mother. It also helps in lactation and formation of amniotic fluid.

ICMR suggested taking about 35mg/day of iron to avoid the iron deficiency anaemia. Iron also helps
in the formation of blood. Folate or folic acids are recommended during pregnancy because this can
prevent birth defects. Omega 3 fatty acids are recommended for the development of a baby’s nervous
system. We can see doctors recommend taking calcium during pregnancy, this is because calcium helps
in the development of bones and teeth. If there is deficiency of calcium it can lead to osteoporosis.

Have you ever noticed pregnant women complaining about having tooth pain and bone pains during and after pregnancy?

This is because some people refuse to take the calcium supplements that are recommended by doctors during pregnancy. In short it is very important to take a healthy, well -balanced diet with frequent intervals of time. Don’t eat too much at a time instead eat small meals at every two hours of interval. This will help you get enough nutrition and maintain a healthy body weight. Consume vitamins and mineral rich foods like dark coloured vegetables and fruits, which contain iron, folate, vitamin A,D,E,k and B vitamins.

Include protein rich legumes, lean meat, egg and non-vegetarian foods to meet the protein
requirements. About 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables are recommended to meet the fiber which
will help prevent constipation. Also include calcium rich foods like milk and milk products.
A mother who is undernourished during and before pregnancy affects the growing fetus in the womb as they dont get enough nutrients for their development. There are some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy like raw fish,raw egg, raw meat etc because these can cause salmonella food
poisoning which can lead to harmful infections.

Taking alcohol and wines are also restricted because this can lead to stillbirth and miscarriage. Avoid
having soft cheeses and soft served ice creams as they contain listeria which leads to infections. Always
remember to have fresh cut fruits and vegetables which are hygienic to avoid cross contamination.
Take care of your diet and lifestyle during pregnancy and enjoy the journey filled with joy and

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